"It led into a massive library filled to the brim with books.  I had never seen more than three books in anyone’s collection until now and I was in awe of the sheer quantity of literary works contained in this room.  My hands reached hesitantly to the spine of the nearest one, fearing the agony of punishment but none came and I reverently pulled the book from the shelf.  Its dusty pages smelled of age and beauty, of the mysteries contained within and the secrets of another world I could lose myself in.  

I sat on a nearby chair with the book in hand.  I don’t know how long I sat there reading the story of a man called Henry VIII by an author named Shakespeare but I was startled out of my reading by my name being spoken quietly.  The King was in the doorway watching me.  I hadn’t heard Him enter, nor did I know how long He had been there.  I must have appeared terrified as I jumped to my feet and hid the book behind my back.” - The Quill, Chapter 2

"The King rose to His feet and advanced toward me so quickly I backed into my guard.  He took my face in His hand and His eyes seemed to flare brightly with His quiet anger.  I found myself questioning whether wanting Him to kill me was a good idea anymore. 

 ’I have killed scores of men and women for less than this defiance you are displaying.’

'Because you have no compassion!' Despite my angry words, His voice remained steady.

'Compassion. That is what stays my hand from breaking your jaw.'  He tightened His hand threateningly on my face and I believed He really could break my bones with one hand as He had said.  He turned my head and reached with his other hand to touch the purple, bruised teeth marks He had left on me the night before, continuing in the same steady, low voice He had started with.

 ’I treasure what is mine and that includes you. For that alone you should be grateful.’  He released my face with a slight shove backwards and turned His back to me to return to His seat.” - The Quill, chapter 2

“’I’ll be careful, Doctor.  Thank you.’  The Doctor nods and takes his leave.  Ellen drags the rag down that she just wrapped around Connor’s wrist and softly touches his reddened and abraded skin with one finger while holding his left hand in her lap.  His hand is huge compared to hers and there are many scars and calluses that cover its surface. Connor breathes slowly and deeply in his rest now but the panic in his eyes had been genuine and Ellen wonders what he had been saying when he had switched to the language of his people.  Connor is a tortured soul; that much everyone knows despite his reluctance to speak of much, if any of it.  He has seen and experienced a great deal in his relatively short life.  Then again, so has she.  Before she can stop herself, she raises his hand to her lips and kisses the backs of his fingers once quickly before lowering his hand to her lap again. 

Ellen has never felt she could speak to anyone about what went on between her and Quincent.  Maria witnessed some of it… the marks and bruises, the time when her lip was cut and bleeding from one of her husband’s more vicious attacks with a riding crop… and she knows Maria would not deny hearing their confrontations if she were to ask her.  Thank God he never laid a hand on their daughter.  He hadn’t attempted to bother them since Connor and her neighbors had run him out of town.  Ellen sighs.  This world can’t afford to lose such a good man when there are so many bad ones out there.” - Home, chapter 1

"Catherine wonders at the way Connor is looking at her face. His expression had changed abruptly while he was standing next to her, transitioning from matching his compliment of her sewing to an anxious concern. Now his eyes shift over her face quickly as if he is surveying each feature. A small crease deepens between his eyebrows and Catherine questions if her appearance is more disturbing than she had imagined it to be. She raises her left hand from her lap to cover her cheek and turns her face away from Connor. He slides his hand towards her on the table but then stops." - Misguided, chapter 4 “Day Four”

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Captain of the Aquila

“‘Captain!  There are two boats astern hailing us.’  Catherine hears one of the crewmen shout from the back of the ship above her head as she opens the door to the captain’s cabin.  Sailors are moving about the ship, busily carrying out their tasks.  The sails are taught and full of wind, carrying the Aquila along the water at a rapid clip as the ship breaks through the waves with a confident style.  The ropes and pulleys of the rigging creak under the forces of wind and water.  A few of the Boston and New York Assassins are gathered in the bow of the ship, looking out into the open ocean ahead and talking among themselves.  The sailors move around them as they heed the voice of Connor when he shouts.

'Reef the sails!  I want her at a full stop, now!' Faulkner echoes Connor’s orders with a few curses thrown in for good measure from where he stands at the ship’s wheel.  Catherine climbs the stairs to the stern deck and watches as Connor lifts one foot up onto the rail and raises a brass telescope to his eye.  Two small crafts are rowing away from the pier and faintly, a cry reaches them from on the wind.  They are too far away to see distinctly how many people are in each boat.  As the rigging and sails are loosened and tied down, the ship slows significantly until she is rocking and tilting on the waves.  From right beside her, Connor shouts over her head to the crew.” - Misguided, chapter 20 “Inquisition”

“’I was beginning to wonder if you would be late, Connor.’ A woman with darker skin than Sonehso:wa, dressed in a mostly black outfit with leather armor covering her shoulders and tall boots on her legs stands with her arms crossed on the ramp.  Her tricorne is pulled low, partially covering her face but it doesn’t hide her exotic beauty.  Several long braids are tied together with a red tie and hang over one shoulder.  Two sashes, one red with gold patterns and one solid red are tied around her waist and angled so they sit lower on her right hip.  She wears a leather belt over them with the same unique buckle Connor wears with his Assassin garb.  Connor turns toward her and dips his head in respectful acknowledgement of her.

'We had some delays.  It is good to see you are well, Aveline.'  She uncrosses her arms and steps onto the boat. There is a graceful purpose to her gait as she walks toward them and both sailors and Assassins part before her confident bearing.

'And you.  Welcome back to Inagua.  It has been some time since you’ve been here, from what I understand.  Years.'

'I do not frequent these waters as I once had.  This territory belonged to my grandfather and now it is yours.  I do not wish to interfere in your… jurisdiction.'  Aveline laughs, her melodic voice making many heads turn in her direction. 

'It isn’t really mine, either.  I leave that to the Assassins who live on their ships and call this place home.  I prefer my feet to be on solid ground.'  She turns her attention from Connor and directs it to Catherine, Anika and Sonehso:wa.  Looking at each of them in turn, she smiles and spreads her hands out.

'Welcome to Inagua.  I’m Aveline de Grandpre.’” - Misguided, chapter 21 “Aquila”  

New Fanfiction! Home, chapter 1


The horse plods slowly along the hard packed road, meandering from time to time towards the edge to nibble on some grass.  His ears twitch as the sounds of the forest reach them. The rider on his back had long since ceased to command him and lies almost motionless over his back except for his slow, labored breathing.  The scree of a hawk high overhead rouses the rider and he moves, clutching at the horse’s mane briefly with a groan.  With considerable effort, the rider sits up, clutching weakly at his right side as an almost black trail of blood down his white and blue coat receives a new burst of redness from the movement.  The fresh blood trickles down the rider’s leg, only to drip onto the ground with a steady tic tic tic, as if counting down the seconds of his life remaining to him.  With a weakly mustered voice and an even weaker kick, the rider rasps out his last command.

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Untitled by (mamitan)

"This is the first time they have travelled so close to an island and Catherine and Anika are swept up in excitement as the Aquila continues to voyage closer to it.   Waves crash against reef and rock alike in boiling blue turbulence streaked with the white of foam and leaping spray.  The rocky hazards are scattered copiously around the island and submerge their dangerous reaches far into the surrounding waters, waiting for unwary ships to wreck upon their rugged surfaces.” - Misguided, Chapter 21 “Aquila”  

A Misguided Reviewer Said…

LoneTXCowboy91 11/7/13 . chapter 21 

You… are… AWESOMAZING! Bringing in not only Aveline, but also elements from Black Flag, (just recently finished myself, great experience). The only thing that could possibly be better is if Edward’s, Ezio’s and Altair’s ghosts crash the party somehow lol. Anywho’s, enough of my gibberish. Keep up the amazing work and CANNOT wait for the next update.

My response:

"Thanks! It was actually really funny how I came to use anything at all from Black Flag. I had selected the Inaguas as the ideal location for a rendezvous with Aveline due to its proximity to Cuba (a place I had decided on using MONTHS and MONTHS ago as a story destination) way before the game came out. I was going to have them camp on the mostly abandoned island. Then I read in Gameinformer that Edward uses Great Inagua as his home base. I nearly threw the magazine across the room I was so shocked and a bit disappointed that it would now appear that I intentionally selected the island BECAUSE of the game. I considered having them use the ruins of Edward’s base so I went on youtube and watched sections of the game to see just how much Edward uses it. (I haven’t even played the damn thing yet— we’re waiting for the new consoles to come out) It turned out it’s a freakin PALACE practically so I cut out a huge section of my story and threw it away to start over. 

I’m glad that it makes you happy that I did that! lol I was so pissed at first!!!! I spent so much time doing research and looking at satellite views of maps and doing even more historical research… only to find that if I’d just waited and played the game I wouldn’t have had to do any of that…. oh well.”

Misguided, chapter 21 “Aquila”

Once the Aquila is clear of the New York harbor, Connor turns her south to begin their long journey to Aveline’s meeting place. The strip of land visible on the horizon shrinks until it is only a faint, misty line and then it is gone completely, leaving nothing but a sea reflecting the fiery sunset as it blazes its way down to join the land beyond the edge of sight. Catherine and Anika spend a large portion of time watching the city recede into the distance and recounting the tales of their journeys. When they are done they sit in silence, arm in arm, watching the activities on the ship. The wind blows Connor’s and Faulkner’s jackets about, pressing them against their legs and billowing them out behind where they stand by the wheel of the ship. Occasionally the sound of voices, both spoken and sung, reach their ears, carrying with it the heartbeat of the ship. Unlike the Assassins who had become regular fixtures on board the Aquila, the two women and Sonehso:wa are the foreigners in this tiny, mobile country.

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